For Chev, my fantastic Web Designer! This piece is my artistic rendition of an old b/w scan supplied to me by Chev…The original card Chev received from a friend was lost long ago, all she had was a scan of it…so I tried to recreate “Moonbather” for her. The subject matter is so mystical, and romantic….perfect for my whimsical style. -original artist unknown.

“Beautiful, just beautiful!  What an amazing job you have done! I am quite speechless lol, as you can imagine, that does not happen often. Thank you so very very much, you have taken a tattered scan that I held so dear with only a vague memory of how it looked originally and brought it to life, at some point it will go in my bedroom so I can see it before I sleep, for now though, I have it on my desk so I can see it all day.  I have never been so relaxed!”