Host a Private Painting Party for a Christmas Party!

Girls's Night before Christmas these ladies painted the "Little Red House". Merry Christmas! Everyone! ★★★★★"Carmen lead myself and 7 others on a painting night last November. She was AMAZING. She was super organized and the process was well thought thru, allowing ALL levels of artists to feel like they were accomplishing something amazing. It was [...]

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Dragonflies and Fireflies Painting Party in Barrie-What fun!

It was a perfect night for this group to paint this featured piece…A balmy August night. The girls were so quiet as they concentrated on their artwork…The results speak for themselves. Great job ladies!!! “Another fun Painting Party, Carmen!”     “I love my piece…thank you for guiding me through the steps…You made it really easy!”

2015-11-03T20:28:06+00:00November 3rd, 2015|Painting Parties|

Barrie Painting Party-A huge Success! DIVA style Self-Portraits

Holy cow! This group of Barrie girls really know how to throw a Girl’s Night! What a turn out for their Painting Party…Lots of laughs, and joking around the table…And their DIVA Self Portraits turned out Fantastic!!! “I had a blast…Can’t wait to have another Painting Party!!!”     “I can’t wait to hang up my [...]

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A Successful Painting Party at Home~We painted Tulips!

This group of Barrie girls were wonderful students to have a Painting Party with! Some of them worked step by step along with me to create their pink tulips, while others  got really creative and changed up the colours and composition of their paintings. This is why I truly love sharing my passion for painting [...]

2017-11-14T17:31:25+00:00November 3rd, 2015|Painting Parties|
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