“Distracted” – Watercolour (ADHD Pictogram_ADHD Infographic)

October is ADHD Awareness Month "Sometimes as an artist I have so many creative ideas I get distracted... As a mom of an ADHD kid, this is how I imagine a day at school is for my son. Every. Day." ~ Artist Carmen Suter This was a quick sketch that i washed with watercolour [...]

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Keegan & Chester – 16″ x 20″

Keegan's mom approached me with the idea to have a painting of her son and their dog, Chester together, as a Christmas gift for her son. (Chester was getting pretty old, and wasn't doing so well lately...) After I started into the painting, I got the sad new that Chester moved on to sunnier pastures. [...]

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Farhampton Train Station – How I Met Your Mother – 20″ x 16″ Acrylic on Canvas

This scene from the last episode of "How I Met your Mother" just screams "Capture Me!" so I just had to paint it:) It is such a classic scene...Train Station, rainy night, girl with the yellow umbrella and guitar case in hand...Who is she? Where is she going? Who else watched it?

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My Paintings get around!

Just a few places you may have seen my work in the Barrie Area. Simply Tea and Chocolate,Barrie RidgeWest Gallery, North of Barrie Art Ce Soir, Barrie xtreme imaging   Handmade market, Barrie PBN, Orillia   Artspace, Barrie

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