While snorkeling, Chev experiences a face-to-face encounter with this gentle giant…The other lovely lady in the boat is so engrossed in her book, she doesn’t even notice…only their 2 puppies take note of this once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy!

“OH MY F#$%ING GOD….There are no words! I love it, I just f@#$ing love it! You are incredible, truly incredible. I have been offered more times than I can count to trade services and I have never done so, but when I saw your site, not only was I convinced you needed to show your skills off but I was happy to trade with you. Best decision EVER! I tell everyone I have original artwork by an amazing Canadian artist. You need anything else web wise, you let me know cos you can bet your life I need more Carmen Suter artwork! For anyone reading this, all I told Carmen was my happiest memory was going whale watching and that I had two gorgeous puppies that I loved, she asked me a couple of questions about color and came up with this all from her imagination.”